Major Graham Mansion: Soldiers of Fright do their jobs well

MAJOR GRAHAMS, Va. – Darkness looms above Wythe County’s famous Major Graham Mansion at 7:30 p.m., while a long line, hundreds deep, waits to get inside the haunted house.

Among that crowd is 16-year-old Kelly Babbitt. This long-haired girl has braved tours of this spooky mansion about a half-dozen times in three years. “I honestly just like getting scared,” said the student from Bland High School in Rocky Gap, Virginia.

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Photo by Joe Tennis, Bristol Herald Courier

The Dementi Brothers Accept the Ice Bucket Challenge

Are they still scary yelling like that?? Now you know how to take care of Evil Clowns!!

The Screamer Gets Some News Time


Joe Tennis | Bristol Herald Courier

‘The Screamer’

That is, by far, not the same attitude as Mariquel Cassell, a student at Bland High School.

Cassell, 19, wants to scare – and scream at – whoever passes her at the Major Graham Mansion in Wythe County, Va., about a dozen miles north of Wytheville.

“My name is ‘The Screamer’ here. I think the hardest part is trying not to lose my voice,” Cassell said. “It’s kind of a break from where I live and what I do – school – and relaxes me.”

The Major Graham Mansion has been known for nearly half a decade as one of the greater Bristol re-gion’s largest and most popular attractions during the Halloween season.”


Will Wythe County Ever Get a Theme Park?

by Zach Cooley
A columnist, novelist, and author, Zach Cooley lives in Wytheville with his wife Emily.

A lifelong citizen of Wythe County born in 1985, I can remember talk around town in the late 1980s that a Disney theme park was possibly coming to the area.  As a child, Mickey Mouse was my hero.  To the same child that lives within me, Mickey remains my idol.  Of course, it was my dream to go to Disney World to see him.  I was fourteen,had a broken nose and dreading the 15-hour car ride, but the end result was well worth the pain.  So, the idea of having Mickey Mouse coming to my hometown was a dream come true.  Needless to say, I was crestfallen when talk of this event ended almost as quickly as it had begun.
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