Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations

Can’t get enough of the History Channel but never miss an episode of Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State? Well here’s your chance to experience both! You can be up close and personal with the spirit world while also learning the history of a colorful family and Civil War mansion. According to local paranormal investigators, “this 11,000 square foot, antebellum mansion is officially haunted and we’ve got the EVPs to prove it”. The following is an excerpt from 2009 article written for “The Big Blue magazine”:

…….I drove onto the Major Graham property was just before dark on a Saturday night. I was meeting members of the Virginia Paranormal Society at the mansion to spend the night and hunt ghosts. These real life ghost hunters spend almost every weekend in dark, scary places. Once the team arrived they immediately began unloading equipment. Our base station was in a downstairs dining room. Night vision cameras were immediately set up in four areas of the house where the most paranormal activity had been reported. This was not the paranormal society’s first trip to the mansion. On previous visits they recorded a child’s voice saying “What’s your name?” near the Confederate room and a man’s voice saying “I don’t play that tune” in the parlor. Other equipment included digital recorders, flashlights (very important to me!), digital cameras, and an electromagnetic field detector. Yes, it was just like on TV! After the video monitor was set up in the dining room to capture all movement in front of the night vision cameras we only had one thing left to do……….wait until it got dark…….. really dark…….

According to one member of the small Grahams Forge community, “that old place has been haunted ever since I can remember. We been-a seein’ lights and faces in the winders and hearin’ strange noises. My granddaddy showed me that ole hickory tree up on that hill yonder where them slaves were hanged for killin’ their master long time ago.”

In the Fall of 2007  local paranormal investigators began their ghost hunts at the Major Grahams Mansion. Since that time multiple paranormal teams have recorded hundreds of EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomena, videotaped apparitions, and recorded  hundreds of personal paranormal encounters at the Graham mansion.   As one paranormal investigator stated to a local newspaper reporter, “It is haunted without a doubt.  We have at least 6 dominant spirits that are communicating with us regularly; there are many more minor spirits, too.”  To listen to and view these recordings “google” HAUNTED GRAHAM MANSION or HAUNTED MAJOR GRAHAMS MANSION and do the same type of search on YouTube.

In 2012  GHOST HUNTERS from Syfy Channel investigated the Major Graham Mansion and labeled it as “officially haunted”.  See “Moonshine and Madness”, Feb. 2012 In their Archives.  In 2013 the R.I.P. Files investigated and filmed an episode which will be aired in 2014.

Private paranormal groups may schedule investigations by contacting the Director via this website.