Historical Tours



Built in three distinct architectural styles and time periods, this 11,000 square foot antebellum mansion is a stately symbol of southwestern Virginia’s colorful past.  Privately owned by J.C. “Josiah” Weaver, this mansion and grounds have only recently been opened to the public for seasonal and group tours.  Very little has changed here since iron-master Squire David Graham built the original frame house in the 1830s and added the massive brick facade in the 1850s.  Plan your next visit to tour of the mansion during the opening weekend of Wytheville’s Chautauqua Festival, typically the third weekend in June each year.  Private group tours and tour buses are welcome and scheduled by appointment only.  To schedule a private group history tour please email us (info@majorgrahammansion.com).  Private group tour fees are $200 for a two hour tour with 10 guests and $300 for a three hour tour with up to 20 guests.  Private tours may be scheduled in May, June, or July.